Tony Ricci

Assistant Professor- Exercise Physiology & Nutrition, LIU Brooklyn

Tony Ricci, D.Sc, MS, FISSN, CSCS, PES, CDN, CNS®, is a highly accredited Athletic Performance Specialist with academic degrees and certifications in Sports Nutrition, Sports Science and Sports Psychology. Tony is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Dymatize nutrition. Tony is the Sports Science Advisor for MMA Team Serra-Longo and has worked with 8 World Champions and 15. Top-10 ranked fighters. He has spoken Internationally on the subjects of sports performance, sports nutrition and fight performance for organizations including the NSCA, ACSM, ISSN, NASM, AFPA, and ACN.

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