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The Sports Nutrition Summit USA 2020 will focus on:

The role of influencers and where consumers get their information, featuring Jim Stoppani
Who qualifies as an influencer? What are the do’s and don’ts of working with influencers? How to maximize the relationship and boost consumer engagement.

Professional Sports and Dietary Supplements
Learn how professional European soccer teams approach nutrition and dietary supplements.

Competitive video gaming is booming, but how do brands approach this community and what ingredients resonate with keyboard champions?

The female athlete and consumer
Identified as a key white space in the category

Sleep, performance and nutrition
A representative of the US Olympic Committee discusses how sleep factors in to the training of elite level athletes, and the implications for nutrition

Understanding protein sources, quality, and labeling

Cutting edge science, from microbiome modulation to mitochondrial function
What does the science say about probiotics for athletic performance? Which nutrients can boost mitochondrial function to boost performance?