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PLT Health Solutions is a discoverer, developer, and marketer of high-quality, scientifically-supported ingredient solutions for the natural products, food & beverage and cosmeceuticals markets. Our goal is to bring innovative and impactful solutions that help their consumer products companies develop new concepts, new products and grow successful brands.

PLT has a broad, diverse active/sports nutrition ingredient portfolio, featuring more than 20 science-backed ingredients, delivering a wide range of benefits that consumers increasingly seek in their active/sports products. A key segment of this portfolio is our line-up of cognitive support ingredients. Today, PLT markets five cognitive support ingredients, featuring different mechanisms of action, that offer a range of benefits including enhanced focus, increased mental energy, improved reaction time, enhanced mental processing, stress reduction and more. PLT can help you use the science behind these ingredients to develop compelling consumer messaging for your products – helping your products stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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