The Changing Retail Landscape for Sports & Active Nutrition


We kicked off the interactive broadcast series with a fireside chat between Joshua Schall, Principal, J Schall Consulting and NutraIngredients-USA‘s Senior Correspondent, Danielle Masterson on the themes that include transitioning away from specialty-only, e-commerce marketplaces, direct-to-consumer, retail’s shift to frictionless omnichannel, and linear commerce.

Key learnings from their conversation will be:

  • Dissemination of the Sports Nutrition Category – Sports Nutrition transforms into Active Nutrition
  • All Eyes on Marketplaces – WalMazon Effect
  • Own My Own Destiny – direct-to-consumer
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Shopping – Consumers have the power to decide what/when/where/how they’d like to their shopping experience
  • Commerce Goes Linear – intersection of digital media and traditional e-commerce (most view this within the lens of Influencer-Led Brands, but it’s much more than that)

Joshua’s fireside chat was followed by a short presentation tittle Don’t Get Caught Standing Still: Take Action & Thrive in Changing Times by Steve Hanson, CEO & Founder, Nutrasocial. Steve shared key trends driving the sports nutrition market along with recent stories of how individuals and companies were adapting in the current market environment with so many profound challenges and changes. Attendees learnt:

  • How the pandemic has accelerated change in the sports & nutrition market
  • Case studies of how individuals and companies are adapting
  • Organizing your business for success

Steve’s presentation was followed by a panel discussion and live Q&A session moderated by Danielle Masterson of NutraIngredients-USA who discussed the changing retail landscape for Sports & Active Nutrition. The following panelists joined Danielle:

This broadcast included Q&A and polling questions. It is FREE to attend but pre-registration is required.

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