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Edible plants are a primary source of precious substances able to help in maintaining the overall wellbeing of sportsmen and women as well as address their nutritional concerns. In fact, people taking part in sport, even at a moderate level, frequently supplement their diet to improve performance, reduce exhaustion or prevent small injuries that often follow the fitness session, be it recreational or competitive.

With almost a century of botanical experience Indena, the leading company dedicated to the identification, development and production of high quality active principles derived from plants, has long been involved in the field of sports nutrition. The safety profile and effectiveness of Indena extracts are supported by several clinical studies, which few other companies can provide in support of their products. The expertise and the approach to research and innovation has always been the hallmark of Indena and has led the company to the production of the highest quality active ingredients of botanical origin for the dietary supplement market.

To learn more about Indena, download their white paper about Herbals, the natural allies in Sports Nutritionclick here.

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