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Gencor Less aging. More living.
We combine a rich 6000-year history of Ayurvedic wisdom with rigorous science to deliver natural, pure and clinically studied ingredients.

Our commitment to science
Our herbal ingredients have been clinically studied and shown effective in both animal and human clinical trials. Many of our clinical trials are peer-reviewed, double-blind controlled trials with impressive results. In addition to formal research tests, our ingredients go through rigorous scientific analysis with our state-of-the-art testing equipment under GLP-certified conditions.

Quality begins on the farm
Gencor botanicals are grown under the close supervision of our technical team and according to strict quality-assurance processes. For instance, our herbs are always dried in the shade so they maintain their phytochemical content. All our extracts comply with the California Prop-65 law for heavy metals and our single-herb standardized extracts are free from all known sources of contamination (including other herbs).

Take a look at Gencor’s white paper on Sports Nutrition Concepts & Formulations – click here.

Pharmako Biotechnologies specializes in lipid based delivery systems. In Sydney, we develop and manufacture customized formulations providing improved functionality and enhanced bioavailability.
Improved absorption and functionality lead to better health and wellbeing outcomes through:
• Producing more efficacious products and medicines
• Improving better consumer compliance
• Reduced costs – leading to better access to nutrients / medicines
• Reduced dosages – more ecological use of resources

Pharmako Biotechnologies is an award winning business. Pharmako were recognized as Start-Up company of the Year in both the NutraIngredient Awards and NutraIngredients Asia Awards during 2018. HydroCurc® was a finalist in the Botanical Product of the Year and Innovation of the Year in the NutraIngredient Awards, and won Botanical Product of the Year in the NutraIngredients Asia Awards. Pharmako was also named Complementary Medicines Australia Raw Material Supplier of the Year in 2018.

Pharmako invests heavily in science to support their technologies, having run numerous human pharmacokinetic studies. During 2018 and 2019, Pharmako are also running clinical studies to support their customers claims.

As well having as clinically studied materials, Pharmako’s R&D team customize formulations for clients, contact them about gaining a competitive advantage in your next New Product project.

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