White Spaces in Sports & Active Nutrition, from the Female Athlete to Esports


We’ll kick off the last session of the interactive broadcast series with a presentation by Dr. Susan Kleiner, Founder & Owner, High Performance Nutrition on How do you reach the active and athletic female market? Listen to your consumer! This session will give insights from elite female athletes on what nutrition and performance obstacles they face, what inspires them to try nutrition products, and what it takes for them to get behind a brand.

Susan will discern four key factors in effective product development and marketing:

  • Recognize the breadth and depth of female participation in all sports;
  • Respond to their performance-based needs with evidence-based products;
  • Let women and girls speak for themselves;
  • Represent female athletes authentically and allow their voices to be heard.

The genuine female athlete is your greatest product development and marketing advantage and puts your brand in the bullseye of female athlete consumer empowerment.

This will be followed by a presentation from Elyse Lovett, Vice President of Marketing, Nutrition21 on Formulation for Success in the Esports Market. Her presentation will discuss the rise in esports and how the market has evolved to meet the needs of these consumers. Learn more about the gamer enthusiast and what it takes to formulate a product that hits all the right buttons — hint: it’s not caffeine. nooLVL®, Nutrition21’s branded bonded arginine silicate with inositol, was the first clinically studied ingredient in gamers. Its substantiated health claims have helped numerous companies take their esports products to the next level. Could yours be next?

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about trends in the growing esports marketplace
  • Learn about gamers’ attitudes toward fitness
  • Learn what they are using to enhance their performance

We will close our final broadcast with a live panel discussion and Q&A session moderated by Danielle Masterson of NutraIngredients-USA.  How best to approach the rise of cognitive support products? Where the opportunities still are? What brands need to know? Where some other white spaces are in this dynamic category? These are just some of the questions Danielle and our panelists will discuss:

This broadcast will include live Q&A and polling questions. It is FREE to attend but pre-registration is required.

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