Sports Nutrition Summit 2019

January 23-24, 2019
San Diego Marriott Del Mar

The Sports Nutrition Summit will bring together leading scientists, market analysts and innovators in a unique, market-leading face-to-face event. Building on parent company William Reed’s success in running its Probiota Americas series, the event will unite stakeholders from across the value chain in a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity.

The event’s agenda will include sessions on market size and projections.  Who are the customers?  Where are the growth opportunities?  Formulation questions.  What are the best supported ingredients?  What are the up-and comers?  Where is the innovation?  The science of sports nutrition.  These sessions will focus on the latest studies in the field.  What modes of action are best supported?  What are the trends in research?

Lessons from the world of sport.  How are supplements used by athletes?  How does that affect how more down to earth consumers view them?  Marketing issues.  How do companies best reach their consumer?  What kind of influencers should companies look for to help in this communication?


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